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This section of the site presents the most frequently asked questions and the pertinent answers; these will help you with malfunctions and resolve other doubts regarding correct use of the products. Everything is right here at your fingertips, truly full-faceted customer service.
Question 1
I realized one of the fridge compartments doesn't work do i have to call assistence?

Before requiring any assistence, check:
1)the display is on. if it isn't its probably because the compartment is not set on on. Try pressing th

Question 2
How can i get ridd of bad smells in the fridge?

The fridge can be cleaned with a cloth and some detergent; wait for it to dry and then close the door. After this you can disinfect it with alchool ...

Question 3
How can i prevent smells inside the fridge?

1.Store food in containers or wrapped up in film.
2.Put food you can freeze in the freezer.
3.Store cooked and raw food separately

Question 4
My frdige is new and it's got a strange smell
This could be because of
1) food left in for too long, that's gone off, we can only suggest to check all compartments a dn clean them.
2) Alwa

Question 5
My fridge doesn't make food colder
If the fridge doesn't refrigerate, before contacting assistence check the following:
1) push any button on the display and ope the door to seeif t