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Beirut Time 22:53 - 29/05/2020

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The time has come for Lebanon to get a taste of the HAIER living.

Constantly adapting to the ever- changing electronics market, HAIER strives to be at the top of the game by always searching for new ways to make life just a little bit better..

HAIER entered the market with a fiery passion that led to it acquiring the title as number one 1 Global Major Appliances Brands in 2009, from the world’s leading business intelligence firm, Euro monitor International.Euro monitor International, founded in U.K. 1972 is the World’s foremost independent provider of business intelligence on industries, consumers, and countries.

Survey participants ranked HAIER as number 1 in comparison to other Chinese brands, concerning management, product quality, innovation, trust, and branding.  Originated in China, the company HAIER was unsatisfied by simply meeting the Asian markets’ needs.

Thus, HAIER set its sights on the European and American markets. It was the first to go where no Chinese company had ventured before. It’s expansion strategy proved successful with it establishing three-in-one operational frameworks in Europe and The United States and winning numerous awards and medals due to its exceptional performance.

It was awarded a Gold medal the only Gold medal awarded to a Home Appliance company)for its Double Drive Washing Machine in the 2004 International Invention Awards Concours Lepine, France and also won 3 Silver medals. Furthermore, it was awarded numerous design awards in Germany such as the “German IF Design award” in 2004 and 2005, as well as the “German Red Dot Award” for design in 2008.  HAIER integrates itself into your life; so much so that it has made its motto Inspired Living, thus expressing itself as a company that adapts to human behavior patterns.

It takes into consideration household needs and tries to provide a product that not only has great quality and functionality, but also is made for your comfort, to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. Technology must facilitate living and not complicate it and it is on this concept that HAIER works.

Now, it is Lebanon’s turn to truly embrace the HAIER experience!  HAIER, furthermore, is socially and economically aware by providing jobs to citizens of the country it expands to, thus promoting the local country’s economy, and by creating energy efficient products to be environment friendly. HAIER was assigned an A+ for energy conservation, in 2002, by ERT the largest magazine for Home Appliances in the U.K. and in 2005 was named “Best Sellers” in the U.K. by Ethical Consumer. 

HAIER does not merely manufacture and design its products in China, but it also has R and D (Research and Design) centers across the world such as in: Denmark, Italy, Germany, and Holland as well as manufacturing plants dispersed throughout the globe.