Welcome to Haier Lebanon
Beirut Time 23:49 - 29/05/2020

About us

Our Mission
While the business world is preoccupied with increasing market share and expansion, HAIER is interested in something much greater, something larger than the company itself; something, as apparent, most companies have forgotten… The Client! We have a consumer-centralized vision which revolves entirely around providing world changing products aimed to improving the lives of all. We have dedicated ourselves completely to finding innovative ways to constantly adapt to consumer needs. Quality, Innovation and Comfort are three factors that play a large part in what we aim to constantly provide our clients. We do not want our customer to have to adapt to technology, rather we aim to adjust the technology to our customers’ needs.

Furthermore, we do not believe in maximizing profit at any cost. Rather, we believe that maximizing profits and increasing market share can only be achieved by providing our clients with a product that will truly higher the standard of living. At the heart of our goals is the heart of our client.

We aim for higher and you should aim for HAIER.